Sunday, 16 December 2012

I've been absent for a few months as the opportunity arose, quite suddenly and unexpectedly, to move to a new area.

I'm now living - and loving it! - in a tiny, remote, rural village in the Ribble Valley. We have five buses a day, very narrow broadband and in September I planted several hundred daffodil bulbs in the long-neglected garden which is now my responsibility.

My sewing machines live permanently on a large table - yes, over the summer they managed to breed! - and I can sit looking at beautiful sunsets, woodland, moorland  and fluffy sheep as I sew.

I've also taken up corset construction. I've always liked Meccano and d-i-y - and sewing, of course - and on making a lightly-boned bustier for a friend's anniversary party, thought 'Hey, getting more into this might be interesting ...'

And it is, oh yes it is.